Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday 9


1) Homecoming and football make this an important time of year for cheerleaders. Were you a cheerleader, or did you date one? Ha! I don't think I ever even spoke to one. In high school I was into Sylvia Plath and Ms magazine, not "pep."

2) Beyond cheerleaders and the big game, homecoming is a time for parades. Have you ever ridden on a float? No. See above.

3) OMI sings that his girl is always there when he needs her. Who do you know you can always count on? I would say my oldest friend. But she's dealing with a lot of her own shit right now. So if something catastrophic went down, I'd turn to John. We've been through a lot together, too, and we're very comfortable together. That no-drama ease would help chill me through a rough patch.

4) This video features a sandy beach, a rocky shore and palm trees. What do you see outside your window right now? Well, it's after midnight as I answer these questions, so it's very dark outside. All I can see are streetlights and a few scattered houselights from the apartment building across the way.

5) In the lyrics we hear that his cheerleader girlfriend is "like a genie in a bottle." Who would rather hang around with? Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie or Samantha from Bewitched? Definitely Sam. Jeannie was such an airhead. Plus, I'm in advertising and Sam had so much experience helping Darrin develop campaigns. I think she'd be a valuable friend to have.

6) OMI is from Jamaica. Have you ever visited that island country? Nope.

7) Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica in 1494. Columbus Day will soon be upon us (October 12). Is it a big deal in your community? Not really. The city is very energized, but it's because of the Cubs and the Chicago Marathon, not Christopher Columbus.

8) Queen Elizabeth is Jamaica's head of state. Her Majesty is now 89 years old and a great grandmother. Who is the oldest person in your life? My Aunt Jo (my dad's side of the family) just turned 70. My Cousin Rose (my mom's side) will be turning 70 in February. So 70 is the age!

9) Her Majesty was named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary after three of her relatives, who also were queens. Were you named after anyone? No.


  1. There was something endearing to me about Jeannie's airheadedness. But I chose Sam, too.

  2. Forget game one. Cubbies all the way!

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    good luck to the cubs! i can imagine how electric the air must feel there with all the energy and excitement of the cubs in the playoffs!

  4. I am with you on Samantha. I hated the updated movie of the show but the old show - that great. Always liked the first Darren better, too.

  5. I did like Bewitched better too. Maybe she can wiggle her nose and get rid of the Cards.

  6. Bewitched for sure. I loved her strength and smarts.

  7. Yeah, Jeannie was over-the-top ding-y. Your comments about high school cracked me up! :-)