Saturday, October 03, 2015

Playing hookey

I took Friday off. Because I'm tired and I hate everyone.

I spent the day sleeping in, going to breakfast, and heading to the mall. The same one I went to back in my high school days.(Fast Times at Ridgemont High, anyone?) I used my Goodwill coupons at Carson's to stock up on jeans. Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans, in black, dark blue and blue. Enough to last me through till spring, and all on sale. I also got my favorite Clinique eye cream, also on sale with coupons. That was the best part of going on a weekday -- I didn't have to wait at the Clinique counter!

Today I slept in, took myself out to lunch, and did a little grocery shopping. Now I'm doing all my laundry. My movie club is meeting on Saturday nights throughout October, showing 1940s era horror movies, but I'm skipping tonight. I still don't feel like being around people.

At some point (like Monday) I've got to start being social again. But for now, I'm enjoying doing nothing and saying nothing.


  1. Holeeeee....I love Amanda jeans!! They are my go-tos for work every day (when I don't have to look spiffy).

    Wish I could go to my high school mall, but it's been torn down for 15 years :(

  2. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Recharge!