Saturday, October 10, 2015

Outclassed by our past

That's a lyric from "What Did I Have that I Don't Have?" This Broadway chestnut was running through my head as I replayed this afternoon's Cubs-Cardinals playoff game in my head.

We dropped the first game 4-0. Our team is young, loose and crazy talented. The Cards are older and injured ... and more experienced. This Cardinal team has been here before. This Cub team has never been anywhere together before. Both our bats and our bullpen were cold today.

As a franchise, the Cardinals have a history of winning. As a franchise, my Cubs do not. I think we were simply outclassed by our past -- both short and long term.

But it was one game in a best-of-five series. Friday's game is over, Saturday's game is the focus. As our manager Joe Maddon says, "Play for today." Joe's mantra has gotten us this far.

These kids are called The Cardiac Cubs for a reason. Unpredictable, energetic and with more talent than they quite know what to do with yet, they deliver thrills and chills.

I cannot wait until Saturday's game!

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