Friday, October 16, 2015

I felt like a pioneer woman!

I was without the internet all day on Friday. Something went awry at my agency's New York and Chicago offices that knocked out something fiber optic and we were down. Not just Microsoft Office ... everything!

I stayed downtown for six hours, hoping the connection would be restored. After all, Friday is a big day in Farmville! My art director and I made revisions to two projects -- I put the new copy on a thumb drive and handed it to him -- but we couldn't send PDFs to the client because no internet. We offered to fax the work to their offices, but they declined. Our client explained that they have no procedure for routing work manually anymore, everything has to go electronically.

So much for roughing it. It started to seem so pointless, so at 4:00 I packed it in and went home, thinking that the internet is the biggest deal since movable type.

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