Thursday, October 29, 2015

And in tonight's episode ...

Mr. Big
Mr. Big got into work Wednesday, and was discreetly sent home. He was let go after a little more than four years.

He hired Long Tall Sally and Christine the Mole, two examples of major mismanagement just this year. I can only imagine how many other missteps were made that I didn't see. So I don't dispute that this move needed to be made. I just hate the thought of Mr. Big getting off the train hours early and facing his wife. He was home when his kids got home from school and had to explain the situation to them. This makes me so sad.

When Mr. Big's replacement was introduced to us at about 2:00 PM, Fearless Leader excitedly told us the agency had been wooing him for "at least two years." I felt so sorry for Mr. Big. Imagine knowing that your bosses were on the phone to someone else for your job, day in/day out, for two years! How could you come in every day and still do your best?

Fearless Leader
I used to be more successful than I am now. I used to have a better title and a bigger paycheck and awards. I burned out and took sixteen months off. I worked as a freelance writer, taking assignments and mostly working from home. I was, by and large, happy. I worked out often and kept a much cleaner home than I do now. I missed being downtown in the middle of it. I didn't like having to scramble and beat the bushes for assignments. I hated having to file my taxes quarterly.

But today I remembered so clearly why I got burned out. This is a tough, tough business. Suddenly I was glad to be flying below management's radar.

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