Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This meme is no more. And yet I persist in answering the three questions it asked each week. Stubborn, ain't I?

1. What are you currently reading? Three Blind Mice and Other Stories by Agatha Christie. I'm really enjoying this slim volume of short stories. I think I know whodunnit, then that savvy old bird Agatha throws more clues my way and I reassess, and then there's a plot twist that reveals I was right all along. I'm also enjoying reading this particular edition. A paperback published more than 30 years ago, the pages starting to yellow, the cover cracked, that I picked up at the library book sale for just a few cents. I wonder who else held and enjoyed it before me.

I began reading Kill and Tell by Linda Howard, but abandoned it. Just didn't grab me. A bit too violent involving characters who felt too nondescript for me to care about them. I'm willing to entertain that it might be me, not the book, and so I'll give it a shot later.

2. What did you just finish reading? Calico Joe by John Grisham. It uses the 1970s Cubs as a backdrop for a tale about hero worship and courage. It's about honor and revenge and doing the right thing. I admit it made me misty at the end. I highly recommend this little book (even if the names Kessinger, Santo and Monday don't make your heart skip a beat).

3. What will you read next? I'm looking at a biography of FDR. It's time for a biography again.

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