Saturday, August 01, 2015

You should go!

 I don't like heat. I don't like crowds. And yet I love Lollapalooza!

The crowd was warm, friendly and (reasonably) well managed. On the way out last night, the security guard for the turnstyle I exited through high-fived each and every one of us, saying, "See you tomorrow!" So I sensed no tension between authorities and audience.

The food was great. Like a mini Taste of Chicago. I met a new band. My nephew and I sat through Alabama Shakes' set because it was in the same spot where Sir Paul would be playing and we wanted good spots for him. But I loved Britney, their Janis Joplinesque lead singer. So that was cool.

It wasn't all great. I can't believe how DIRTY I was after my Lolla adventure. Even under my fingernails! And I'll never forget the porta potty (shudder). Trains were packed and noisy, the expressways were a parking lot. Of my 12 hour day, literally 4 hours of it was spent trying to get to and from Grant Park.

But I don't know what the City could have done better. That was a massive influx of people. It was more peaceful than I had expected.

And I gave my 15-year-old nephew bragging rights. You should have heard his swagger when he took a call from one of his buddies. "I can't talk now. I'm at Lollapalooza." He's a good kid and I'm happy I could give him this.

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  1. I love how you shared this with your nephew!