Sunday, August 23, 2015


THIS is the kind of Christian I want to be.

There's nothing here that's anti-LGBT, or pro "Christian patriarchy," or about judging women who exercise their legal right to control their own bodies.

This reminds me that I should concentrate on improving my own heart, not slagging someone else's conduct, as I strive to live a Christian life.

It's funny, but I voted for Jimmy Carter in my first Presidential election because I was so blinded by anger over Ford's pardon of Nixon. Now of course I understand that Gerald Ford did the patriotic, compassionate, courageous thing and it cost him his career.

Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter may have been the two best candidates it was ever my privilege to choose between. I wish I had been mature enough to appreciate them in real time.


  1. Whenever I'm asked who my favorite president is, Jimmy Carter is my answer--and I've gotten LOTS of strange looks and snorts. But he is the president who made Human Rights part of our national dialogue with foreign policy. And to me, that's important.

    I love this graphic and have to steal it to hang in my classroom.

  2. I think Jimmy Carter's legacy will be about what he did after his presidency. To my knowledge, more than any former president before or since.