Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday Stealing

Are your nails painted a dark or light color? You be the judge.

Have you ever order pizza online?  Once. It's easier to just call.

What color was the last candle you lit? I don't recall.

 Is there something written on your shirt right now?  "Brookfield Zoo"

Is there a bookshelf in your room?  There are four bookshelves in the den, but none in this room.

Do you own a treadmill?  I own a stepper similar to this one. It's covered in dust. I'm such a lazy slug.

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership? Yes. I used it this week, too!

Is there a garbage can in your room? What color is it? I have a garbage can in the kitchen and wastebaskets in the bathroom and master bedroom. They're all white plastic.

Have you ever read in the bathtub?  No

Have you ever had to wear a hairnet?  Once, for a costume party. I wore a loudly printed housecoat, fuzzy slippers and a wig with curlers, topped by a hairnet.

Do you know how many pages the last book you read had?  296. (I just looked.)

What day of the week does the laundry usually get done?  Sunday

Do you use the Facebook chat often?  Never

Do you have any baby pictures of yourself on your computer?  I have photos where I was a toddler, but not a baby.

Do you eat onion rings?  Nope

What flavor of tea did you last have? Pomegranate. It was fragrant and yummy.

 Do you own a bathrobe?  A comfy but too-well-worn green terry affair.

Did you/will you have coffee or some other form of caffeine today?  Yes! Today and every day.

Do you have a mailbox or do you collect your mail from the post office?  I have a mailbox, which, come to think of it, I have not checked today.

What was the last animal you saw, and was it a pet?  I have a skinny beige cat named Reynaldo by my side as I answer these questions.

What was the last documentary you watched focusing on? I'm going to watch the new one on Chris Farley.

 Is there anything you need to remember to do before the day ends? Eat dinner. I think there's some chicken in the frig.

 Is your car messy, or do you like to keep it clean?  No car

Are you the type to wake up before the sun has even risen? Yes

 Do you get uncomfortable when people stare at you? Yes

 Have you ever been admitted to the hospital for a long period of time? Once I was hospitalized from Friday to Monday when I had surgery. Does that count as a long time?


  1. Anonymous2:53 AM

    I too prefer to call in my pizza order. I don't have the patience to play around with all the little things that need to be checked off.
    Liked the rest of your answers!

  2. I never heard of Pomegranate tea. Sounds like something worth trying.

  3. The only reason I would ever order online is if it's a complicated order. We often have Jimmy John's deliver sandwiches when we're meeting at work over lunch. That's just easier because everyone gets something different.'s just too straightforward to bother with online orders, unless you're getting, like, 30 and all different.

  4. Anonymous2:58 PM

    i love pomegranate! i just had some pomegranate juice, in fact. i wonder how pomegranate tea would the tea flavor of it strong?

  5. I'm used to people staring at me because of school. My favorite little restaurant makes the most refreshing pomegranate iced tea!

  6. I am at a loss on who to back for 2016. Bernie cracks me up but, needs to lose the word 'socialist' as that word scares people. Hilary keeps digging her grave deeper- so bummed. Maybe if Donald offers me a helicopter ride to 5th Avenue and 5 grand to blow there, I'll vote for him and not tell any of my previously insulted friends (sorry Megyn).
    Everyone I know seems to have gone to the ballgame this weekend. I'm bummed about that too...

    Have a great week!

  7. Any time in a hospital is a long time.

    I am concerned about the Democrats. If a Democrat doesn't win, we are lost completely, I think. But it needs to be the appropriate Democrat, and I am not sure who that is.


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