Sunday, August 16, 2015

Now #1 in my heart

I want Joe Biden to run for President ... again.

In 1988, when he ran, he was my second choice. In 2008, he was my second choice. But today, he is my first choice. Wouldn't be ironic if now is when he didn't run?

When he talks, I hear him. When Hillary talks, I shut off. Where he sounds sincere, she sounds programmed.

He's proven himself, more than once during the Obama Administration, to be the compromiser who understands how things get done in Congress. And we need to see things done.

He understands the mess in the Middle East (he was so right about Iraq). He appreciates the need to improve our national infrastructure (in ways Obama hasn't demonstrated he does).

Obama himself has said that choosing Joe as his Veep was the smartest move he's ever made in public life. I take that as a tacit endorsement, one that any Dem not named Clinton will need to earn cred with voters of color. While I don't think African American and Hispanic voters will vote in large numbers for the Republican candidate, I also don't think they will ever come out for Bernie Sanders.

I can see Joe Biden saying he's running for a single term, and meaning it. I hope he will do it.

Run, Joe, run!

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  1. I wish that Biden would run, but now he is probably just too tired to do it all. Besides, I've been reading Early Warning, by Jane Smiley, and taken it to heart. I don't trust anything to do with elections. We've been given an early warning, me thinks.