Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Pardon me, have we met?

I've been thinking a lot about Long Tall Sally. Worrying about her. Feeling bad that her career here was so short and chaotic. Just can't shake the residual sadness over this very unfortunate situation.

Since I believe she has a good heart and was genuinely fond of me, I texted her this morning. Told her that I'd been to Lolla on Friday and got so filthy I scrubbed my face. I recalled how she once advised me to go easy on the facial scrubs after we compared beauty regimens, "Remember, it's your face, not a kitchen floor."

Quick question: Who's this?
Hearing from me seemed to make her happy and I got a text back filled with LOL's. Then she asked the most extraordinary question: "Who did you see at Lollapalooza?"

She was working here when I ordered the tickets, was working here when the guy from the mail room delivered them with such pomp and circumstance. She saw the big Beatle poster in my corner of the office.

Plus there's the fact that everyone who meets me learns rather early on that my two abiding passions are (don't make me rank them, please, don't make me rank them) Paul and The Cubs.

So it makes me wonder if she ever heard a word I said over the four months we toiled together in the agency mines. 

It washed over me anew that what happened to her was unfortunate but necessary. For I don't think she ever actually heard a thing I said. That doesn't make for a good collaborator or a productive working relationship.


  1. people i work with really don't care about my personal life, for me that is fine, i don't want to socialize with them, don't want to share my life or want to know about their life either. it keeps it all business and i don't have to be nice, i can tell them to do their job and if they don't like it..oh well.
    it doesn't mean i don't care if they are sick, have sickness in their family, death etc..i set that apart as compassion.
    hope this doesn't sound mean but it works for me.

  2. I like how the Universe helped you see some truth in there and that's allowed you to release the worry about LTS.

    There are times when I think I can help someone and then I realize that they didn't ask for my help and my view that they even need (my) help at all was a judgment on my part. When I step out of my judgment, I realize that people get what they need. Even if it's something we cannot fathom, people always get what they need. (to paraphrase Mick and Keef).


  3. What a great messages from the universe! And what Lisa said.