Saturday, July 11, 2015

The happiest thing that happened all week

I love this sweater. I found it over lunch on Tuesday at Macy's ... for $12. 80% off! And it was just what I needed!

I had tickets to see the touring company of Kinky Boots that night, and had forgotten my little denim jacket at home. The mercury dropped into the low 70's by lunchtime and would undoubtedly go even lower when the play let out around 10:00. The 3/4 length sleeve, blue/white print blouse I was wearing was not going to be enough.

A blue cardigan! My kingdom for a blue cardigan!

First I ran over to Ross. They are new to the Chicagoland area and their commercials are running constantly. I know, I know ... I should know better than to believe advertising. Ross turned out to be quite a disappointment. Not much merchandise, not well organized. I gave up quickly and was sad.

Then I went to Macy's on State Street. I should have gone there in the first place. I can almost always find something at Macy's, and this one was perfect. Just warm enough, just dressy enough.* It had originally been $59.50. Marked down to $41.99. Marked down to $29.39. Marked down to $11.99.

Plus, shopping at Macy's State Street is always pleasant. It's a beautiful old building -- the original State Street Marshall Field's -- with a lovely old fountain in the main lobby. The salespeople are nice, and wrap even a purchase made at 80% off in tissue.

Sigh. When retail therapy works, it feels soooo good!

*My theater buddy, Barb, and I tried a new restaurant before the play and I had no idea how far I could push the "casual" thing and still feel comfortable. This little sweater jacket was a nice little addition. Better than the hoodie I almost invested in from Ross.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I love retail therapy! I enjoy TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Although they are on the same principle as Ross, I think Ross is generally not as nice. My sister's complaint about TJ Maxx and Marshall's is that they are disorganized. I still love browsing through the racks. I guess it's not for everyone. ;) I went to an outlet center on Saturday while waiting for my son to complete testing. I went specifically to go to TJ Maxx but New York and Company was right there so I dropped in. They were having a one day up to 70% off sale. I got a couple good deals too. I love it when that happens!

  2. So great when you find just what you need at a discount price!

  3. I don't like Ross either. Our TJ Max is okay but I too stay with Macys or Dillards.

  4. I don't like Ross either. Our TJ Max is okay but I too stay with Macys or Dillards.