Sunday, July 19, 2015

Our $155,000,000 Man Comes Through

Jon Lester had a NO HITTER going into the 8th inning last night!

He's our new ace, the Christmas gift management bought us Cub fans during the off season. He came with that massive price tag (though the $155 million is over six seasons) and lots of high expectations. Expectations he hasn't met yet. He had a slow spring and, while things picked up for him in July, he still wasn't winning.

Until last night! Wow! Was he good last night! His first game after we hit the halfway mark and he was un-freaking-stoppable. Maybe he needed the weather to get really hot -- it was in the 90s yesterday in Hotlanta, while it's been unseasonably chilly here in Chicago* all season. Maybe he needed to get used to NL rules -- pitchers get pulled earlier on this side because we don't have the DH. Maybe something just clicked. But he was great.

So Saturday night, we saw the pitcher Theo Epstein -- who doesn't necessarily believe in big contracts -- is worth that massive paycheck. And now I get it.

*Though Friday and Saturday, it was 90ยบ+ here, as well.

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