Saturday, March 28, 2015

Talking Alot

I had a few important conversations this week, and they made me feel better about life.

1) My kid sister. I told her about the comparatively minimal money that the state is holding our mom's name, and she agrees that if I go for it, I should just keep it ... and that we will never, ever mention it to our older sister because no good would come of that. We also agreed that, should my aunt qualify for the funds in our grandmother's name, she deserves it and should just keep it. The State of Illinois makes laying hands on this money -- probably unclaimed insurance payments -- really difficult. I suspect they make us jump through all these hoops to help prevent identity theft. Anyway, we may never see the money. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about it anymore.

2) The New Girl. Her name is Michelle, she replaced The Chocolate Covered Spider and she tries waaaay too hard. But her heart is in the right place, she brings a welcome infusion of enthusiasm, and she's cultivating me. It's nice to be wooed. We spent a good deal of time together at the office, and then grabbed a drink after work Thursday night. My feelings toward her are an interesting combination of optimism (I may actually learn something new about marketing from her) and ache (she's very lonely, living with her mom as she goes through a bad break up). I can foresee her exhausting me -- she's brings a lot of personality and intensity and I'm not sure the work-and-after-work thing is a good idea. But for now, I'm enjoying her transparency and her eagerness to communicate (or even overcommunicate). It's a welcome change after Spidey.


  1. Some heavy duty conversations, indeed! Glad Spidey is gone and her replacement is at least trying to fit in, albeit trying too hard.

  2. i hope you are honored that she finds you so easy to talk to and confide in. sometimes God people in our lives for a reason...i think He knows you can be someone who will listen to her. many people can't and i think you are that person.

  3. Hopefully the new girl will calm down soon. Though I'm glad she's a positive change.