Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday Stealing

17 Meme

Are you a jealous person? At times.

When is the next time you’re traveling out of state? I don't have any firm plans until (sigh) November. I may slip away this spring. Depends on my finances.

Can you write your name in a foreign language? La fille elle-même

When you’re getting ready for something, do you listen to music? Not usually

What is your favorite day of the week? Thursday

What is something you did yesterday and wish you could’ve done today? Nothing

If you woke up tomorrow and knew/spoke a different language, which language would you want it to be? Spanish (#3 notwithstanding)

What did you last order online? A sweatshirt from

Do you have any specific hobbies? Do watching cable and farting around on the internet count?

What’s a song you recently discovered that you want to tell everyone about? I recently rediscovered Leslie Gore. Until the news coverage of her recent death, I'd forgotten all about this song and about her. Which is too bad, because I loved her on American Bandstand and Ski Party when I was very little. I forgive her for completely misleading me about what being a teen would be like. It ended up more "At Seventeen" than "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows." Which is also too bad.

Favorite fall or winter accessory? The touchscreen gloves my nephew gave me for Christmas. He found a pair emblazoned with the Cubs logo. I love being able to switch playlists without freezing my fingers, and I love being reminded of baseball during these very cold days.

What did you last eat? Pringles. (Don't judge me.)

Look to your left. What’s there? A lamp.

How long does it take you to fall asleep? Yes.

Is there a TV in the room you are in? Yes. I'm watching a PBS special about Al Capone. It contains nothing I don't already know, so soon some space will be available on my DVR.

What comes to your mind when I say red? .... white and blue

Name something you think is pointless? Complaining about the cold and snow. IT'S WINTER IN CHICAGO. Stfu.


  1. I'm sorry you're teenage years were "At Seventeen" but I suspect many more of us had those kind of years than the sunshine and rainbow ones.

  2. What is it about Thursday? Everyone who didn't choose a weekend day seems to have picked Thursday.

  3. LOL I love your last answer! It's true! I was out wandering around the lake a few weeks ago with a friend, and she took me by Al Capone's summer house. Very cool. I love all the old mob stories, it's all just so fascinating..

  4. Oh yes, "At Seventeen". That's the one I lived through, at least until we moved away to the foothills far away.

    Oh, yes, though I'm not suffering here, I agree for the rest of the upper tier, come on Spring!

  5. Pringles are awesome! No judging here....just pass me some pringles.

  6. We must have a foot of snow on the ground from today alone. The Weather Channel kept saying we would only get an inch. Good thing there is a heat wave at the end of the week. Hooray!

  7. GREAT answer at the end. Yeah, I've been saying this all winter, and mostly keeping my complaining to a minimum. But...I'm done with winter now.

    I had teenagers in the house when I was little, so I had no expectations of sunshine and rainbows. ;-)

  8. I love your falling asleep answer.

  9. "I forgive her for completely misleading me about what being a teen would be like" ... EPIC!

    and I think I'll eat a Pringle just so you know I won't judge you!!!

  10. Man - I hadn't heard SLR song for yonks! Funny how some words and tunes come bouncing right back!

    ps......I never moan about winter and it's doings, either. Won't make spring come around any quicker!


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