Friday, February 13, 2015

So disappointing

 On these blustery winter afternoons, it's fun to remember the glory days of last summer when the boys of Jackie Robinson West brought the Little League World Championship here to Chicago.

Or is was fun to remember. Until Little League International announced they'd stripped the kids of their title.

The adults in their lives screwed up. The adults in their lives let them down. The adults in their lives broke the rules by recruiting players from outside the city limits to play on the team.

This sucks big time.

The boys who practiced and drilled after school, who played their hearts out on the field and behaved like perfect gentlemen off of it, deserve better from the adults in their lives.

I hate this so much.


  1. i agree...i feel terrible for the kids, they are the ones who suffer.
    damn the adults!!!

  2. This story made me mad on behalf of the kids.

  3. It is definitely not fair to them. And it gives them the message that they were not good enough to win, or at least try to win, on their own... that they needed to cheat in order to have a chance. That is not true. I hope this doesn't change the futures of the individual boys.

  4. Some adults just suck.