Friday, January 09, 2015

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Dancing with Myself (1980)

1) This song is one of Billy Idol's biggest hits. Can you name another? "White Wedding"

2) When is the last time you danced around your home? I don't even recall

3) In this song, Billy says he dances with his own reflection. Is there a mirror in the room you're in right now? Nope

4) Dancing with Myself is also the name of Billy Idol's 2014 autobiography. Let's say you're going to write your life story. What do you title it?  Just Over There. Taken from a funny, savvy Carrie Fisher quote -- "Nothing is ever really over. Just over there."

5) This month, Billy resumes his 2014-15 concert tour in New Orleans. Have you ever been to Louisiana? Nope

6) In 1980, when "Dancing with Myself" was first popular, VHS players were all the rage. Do you still have yours? Yes. It's not connected, but it's right in front of me, beside the TV.

7) In 1980, The Love Boat was getting good ratings. Have you ever taken a cruise? Do daytime booze cruises count?

8) Sally Field won her first Oscar in 1980 for the movie Norma Rae. Five years later she won a second Oscar for Places in the Heart and delivered one of the most quoted acceptance speeches in Academy history. Do you remember what she said?

9) In 1980, People magazine named Stephen King one of the most intriguing people of the year because he had two big paperback bestsellers -- The Dead Zone and The Shining. Do you have a favorite Stephen King book? I've only read two -- Carrie and It. I liked them both.


  1. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. :)

  2. I think that the regulars of these weekend memes should meet for a 'Booze Cruise'

  3. Isn't it cheating to look it up on youtube?

  4. Anonymous9:47 PM

    i like that carrie fisher quote! that's a great title.

  5. I forgot all about "White Wedding"


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