Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I don't like it here today

2015 is an ugly place.

A dozen people (at this count) lost their lives in Paris today. Shot to death at the offices of a magazine that satirized religion. Shot with high powered rifles at close range ... because they made fun. Breaks my heart.

And apparently I must take a side in the national debate about police tactics. I can't just say that police over reacted in the Eric Garner case in New York and there should have been a trial. It seems that if I'm saying that, then I'm saying every cop everywhere is bad and the men in blue then have every right to just let me hang next time I call 911. Civilized conversation about the impact of race on arrest/conviction/sentencing is too much for us as a country. Breaks my heart.

I want out.

Ben! Saddle up the horses. I want to ride off with you and the boys.

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  1. At lunch today I actually got up and left the table because the conversation was so... so negative. I just wanted to hibernate in my happy place.