Saturday, September 13, 2014

Who went before?

I love watching ME-TV. Not only do I enjoy the shows* but I like seeing what the world was like in the middle of the last century. (Look at the bouffants and falls! How weird is it that men wore sports jackets to ball games! Google and cell phones sure have changed our lives!)

Most of all, I wonder who has sat in this very living room watching these very episodes in the past. Shows like Bonanza and Perry Mason got crazy high ratings because there were so few viewing choices in those days. So it's likely that whoever was living here in 1959 or 1966 saw these programs from this spot in real time.

I know who lived here from the mid 1990s until I moved in: a single mother and her two kids. But before that, this condo was an apartment and, I guess, the people who rented came and went rather often.

How many people have lived here since the building was finished in 1956? Were any of them single women, like me? Married couples? Because of the proximity to the train, I bet whoever was here in "the olden days" was white collar and worked in the city. Am I right?

And was anyone else in this history of this home as bad a housekeeper as I am?

*I have a theory that TV didn't get really stupid until the 1970s, ca Welcome Back, Kotter and Three's Company.


  1. Oooh, I love this post! The romance of it all.

  2. That's interesting thinking about who was in your home in the past, maybe watching those same shows. I like Me TV too, but I seldom get around to watching TV.