Sunday, September 21, 2014

That went well

I got a mailer from Carson's that included four coupons for my beloved Goodwill Sale. Usually, to get these 20% off coupons you need to contribute gently used clothes or linens, but here they were, in my mailbox! So I left the two blouses I was going to contribute at home. Oh, they'll end up at Goodwill, all right. It's a charity I enjoy supporting. But if I drop the blouses, and any other clothes I part with, at Goodwill itself rather than Carson's, I'll get a receipt for The Tax Man. So this was win/win.

First I got a new pair of black slacks and a dressier black/royal blue blouse ticketed at $84 for just
$44.38. Then I got my favorite Clinique eye creme for $39 instead of $44. Best of all, I found this watch. It's at Macy's for $49, but I got it at Carson's with my Goodwill coupon for just $34. I love the sturdy denim blue band and easy to read numbers.

I had time before my bus and stopped at a discount grocery store I seldom get visit. The Gerber baby food I mix with Connie Cat's medicine was just 90¢/jar (about a dime less than I usually pay) and I got a package of fettucine for just 69¢! That went immediately into the bag of food pantry donations, which is filling up nicely.

I got home before the rainstorm. I don't know why getting caught in a downpour drains me so, but it does. So I'm glad I missed it. On the way home I found myself in the middle of my village Oktoberfest. (Our local police now have segways; they look just as silly as Chicago police on segways.) My village is justifiably proud of how inclusive we are, so in addition to standard German fare we could choose from other cuisines. Which is how I ended up with egg foo young for dinner.

A good day all around.


  1. Sounds like a productive day! I love getting good deals. My town had an Oktober fest but it was sort of boring so I didn't go. (I have gone the last few years, so that is how I knew it was boring and couldn't get motivated to walk up there!)

  2. Loved the watch! And revelation--baby food to mix the eye goo for my kitty in. You are brilliant!!

  3. Sounds like a good day, and I love that watch! I'd definitely wear that.


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