Sunday, September 14, 2014

I gave $20!

Does that count?

I'm watching the latest Ken Burns documentary, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, on PBS. I do love my American history, and I do admire Ken Burns' work. So I'm completely jacked about this. I learned, just now, that as a boy Teddy Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession when it went through New York. I find this historic convergence very moving.

The only dark cloud on my gloriously geeky horizon is that it's PBS. They have a way of making me feel I haven't done enough to support the channel and pay for the program I'm watching. I have contributed to my local station, but it was only $20. Is that enough?


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I'm watching it too! I know a fair amount about Eleanor and FDR but not much about Theodore. I had no idea his wife and mother died on the same day in the same house. Really interesting so fAr!

  2. I'm recording the series... can't wait to watch it!

    My local branch of public broadcasting has been calling me lately but I've been dodging their calls because I donated $25 a while ago and can't really afford to do more.

  3. Thats more than I've ever donated! I am glad that the PBS program was made possible by viewers like you.

  4. oh how i am loving this i am recording it on my DVR. This winter it will be a good watch for a long cold, snowy weekend!
    I am afraid to send money because they will drive me nuts wanting more!!! ugh

  5. I've been loving the series, too. I think $20 is a fair amount.