Wednesday, August 20, 2014


To play along, just answer the following three questions ...

• What are you currently reading? The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie. This is my first Miss Marple book and I'm enjoying it. What a cagey, dear old girl! The book it itself is an easy read, a collection of short stories about mysteries and murders that appear unsolvable ... until Miss Marple looks up from her knitting.
• What did you recently finish reading? At Risk by Patricia Cornwell. A dreadful book. It's not often I say this, but I'm sorry I read it. A MUST TO AVOID! The plot is convoluted and every character is unlikeable, except our hero. He's poorly written. I'm a Cornwell fan, but as I read it I thought to myself, "I wonder what big thing Patricia just bought -- helicopter? summer house? -- that she cranked this crap out to pay for."
• What do you think you’ll read next? I don't know. I've got a Linda Fairstein sitting here, but I'm kinda jonesing for a biography.

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  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I've only read one Agatha Christie, but I thought it was very enjoyable. I hope you enjoy your books this week!

  2. I love Agatha Christie but I have to admit I've mainly read the Poirot books, I need to try a Miss Marple to balance things out. Here is my WWW

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I've always been more of a Poirot girl myself . . .