Wednesday, August 06, 2014


To play along, just answer the following three questions ...

• What are you currently reading? At Risk by Patricia Cornwell. It's filled with intrigue and intersecting plots: a cold case in Tennessee -- a vicious murder of a wealthy senior -- is somehow tied to a gruesome train fatality (suicide?) and for some reason these deaths are of vital interest to an ambitious Massachusetts DA.
It's a slim book, and if I hadn't been sidelined with a bad cold that left my brain as fuzzy as cotton candy I'd be done with it by now.

But beyond my broken brain, I'm struggling with it not because of the plot or the prose -- Cornwell's writing is dependably good -- but I've yet to find a character I really like in this story. Like most readers, I know PC best for her Scarpetta books and my very real affection for Kay can keep me reading no matter what. I don't have that in this stand-alone effort.
• What did you recently finish reading?  Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly. This is a trashy summer read. But it August, so that makes it the perfect time to pick it up. It's got secrets and betrayal and sex and even a cat in peril (SPOILER: Morris is fine at the end; I share that for readers like me who get so distracted when critters are involved in the plot). This book is not art. The plot doesn't bear up under close scrutiny. But it is a page-turner.

• What do you think you’ll read next? I don't know. I've got an Agatha Christie and a Linda Fairstein beckoning me.

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  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Ooohhh. . . I vote for trying the Agatha Christie next! I used to LOVE her books!

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Glad to have found you through WWW Wednesdays. I'm a Chicago gal too and I love that you're enjoying a trashy read summer. Looking forward to reading more. My list is here:

  3. I'd also vote the Agatha Christie, I read one recently after a long break and then I went to watch The Mousetrap last week (it's on tour) I have to admit I enjoyed Keep Your Friends Close, it was a really entertaining read.

    Here is my WWW