Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stealing

  Blogging Meme 

What kind of blog do you have? Just a snapshot of my life at any given moment.

How many posts do you have? 5600+

How many blogs do you follow? See the sidebar.

How many followers do you have? Oh, according to Blogger it's some crazy high number but I don't believe those most of those people actually read me any more.

How often do you change your theme? Seldom. Makes me grumpy.

How often do you change your icon? Never.

 Do you have any favorite blogs? Again, check out the sidebar.

Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people? No.

Do you ever get anon hate? Yes. Hence the comment moderation. You gotta sign your hate around here.

Have you made any friends through your blog? Oh, yes. You ladies know who you are! (And Bud, too.) Your support has meant a great deal to me in tough times.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging? It's a busman's holiday. I write for a living, but at work I never get to just write what I want.

What’s your least favorite thing about blogging? Sometimes it feels a little too much like work.


  1. You have been blogging as long as I have but have many more posts. I think you do have those many readers. Lots of folks read but don't comment.

  2. There are actually computer programs that leave comment spam on blogs. I don't know how they get past the word verification etc.

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    It's sad how much hate is out there. It always makes me wonder what people have got going on in their lives that makes them like that. It makes me really cherish those that are supportive and help you through tough times by showing a little care.