Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stealing

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1. Favorite fictional couple?  After giving this some thought, I'll go with Bob and Emily Hartley from The Bob Newhart Show. Theirs seemed like a marriage of equals who genuinely enjoyed and supported one another.

2. Favorite fictional character? Jo March from Little Women

 3. Favorite fictional TV show? Mad Men, though I could argue that it isn't all that fictional

 4. Favorite fictional movie? The Way We Were

 5. Favorite fictional villain? Hans Gruber in Die Hard

 6. Favorite fictional hero? John McClane in Die Hard

 7. Favorite fictional pet? Thomasina was a wonderful cat

 8. Favorite fictional setting/universe? OK, ya got me. I have no answer.

 9. Least favorite fictional couple? The Nanny and Mr. Sheffield.

 10. Least favorite fictional character? Anyone played by Patricia Heaton. I can't stand that woman.

 11. Least favorite fictional TV show? Any one starring Patricia Heaton. I can't stand that woman.

 12. Least favorite fictional movie? Star Wars. I don't hate it, I just don't get it

 13. Least favorite fictional villain? I'm sorry. I got nothing.

 14. Least favorite fictional hero? The lead in The DaVinci Code.

 15. Least favorite fictional pet? The Brady Girls' cat. The poor thing disappeared once that group somehow formed a family and became The Brady Bunch.

 16. Least favorite fictional setting/universe? Middle Earth


  1. The Brady girls had a cat? Say it ain't so!
    So, you don't like Patricia Heaton, huh? :)

  2. I love all your answers!!

  3. Ditto The Way We Were (still my all time favorite movie) and Patricia Heaton.

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    there was a cat on the brady bunch? hmm, all i remember was tiger! which i think would be a better name for a cat.

    although now that i think back i think i remember something with tiger chasing a cat through the house. hmm.

    i don't really get star wars, either. or star trek.

  5. Patricia Heaton was good as Tim Taylor's wife, but only because he desperately needed a naggy wife.

    Star Wars does very little for me, as well, but at least Han Solo was (is) nice to watch. ;-)

  6. Cat, the reason you liked her on Home Improvement is that she was Patricia Richardson, a completely different woman. ;)

  7. My husband also loathes Patricia Heaton. What is it about her? I'm a little

  8. Funny how the Hartley's were the first couple on TV to be a couple and not want kids. I'm not even sure who Patricia is but, I'll take your word on it.

  9. I'll go with you on Patricia Heaton, for sure. I also loved Bob and Emily...especially when she showed up on the finale of Newhart

  10. I'm just going to have to watch "Mad Men"now. Great answers but now it's time to look up Patricia Whatserface

  11. Okay, the Brady Girls cat had me rolling in the floor. Too funny. But you're right, there was a cat for just a little while.


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