Sunday, April 06, 2014

Of course he did

My molester died this morning. This means that relatives will be coming in from Los Angeles and Tampa to honor his pervy old ass.

I had a feeling this was coming. I've been checking my voicemail during the day from work, expecting to get the word. I imagined that then I would use the American Airlines frequent flier miles I have been hoarding to take a flight to Memphis. I thought it would be nice to absent myself by spending a few days with The King. There are motels within walking distance from Graceland and I thought it would be a great distraction from the ugliness at hand.

But the old fart died on a Sunday when I'm covering for a vacationing coworker and when I'm preparing to meet a new client for the first time. So no, I can't take a few days off right now.

Isn't that just like him? Messing with me to the last.

Circumstances can stop me from escaping town but they can't force me to celebrate my molester as the patriarch and pious congregant the family likes to think he is.

So I'm no longer answering my landline and am insisting to anyone who calls my cell or emails/texts that I'm out of town. Besides, I just may be gone for real on Thursday or Friday.

Once he's planted, this will all be over. Not only can he no longer harass me, and I will no longer have to keep his secret.

I got the news as I was getting into the shower. I felt cleansed in so many ways.


  1. That is wonderful news, and I'm glad your "on vacation" (i.e. unavailable) for the week. These kinds of secrets suck the life out of people, so I'm glad you don't have to keep quiet anymore.

    Almost think you deserve a "birthday" celebration!

  2. Glad to hear of his death! With any luck, there is an afterlife and he won't be able to hide his true colors anymore. Maybe you can try to do some fun things while you are on vacation in your house, like watch some movies and eat ice cream!

  3. Wow. I had no idea. I ... am so glad it's over. I hope it is.

  4. Glad that you see you don't have to make yourself available for anything you don't want to for whatever damn reason you choose.

    And my hope is that you find peace in your heart about this, finally.

    Always here if you need to talk to someone. <3

  5. Some people make the world a better place by leaving it.

    I'm glad you're out from under the weight of that secret. Cat was right that you should mark your "birthday" - or Independence Day. Maybe on the day that all your relatives leave town and you're finally free. Take a Gal Wellness Day.

  6. happy for you Gal, and i think God played the biggest part by allowing other things in your life to keep you home and away from this horrible man!!!

  7. Anonymous7:59 AM

    This is good news, I hope you find some peace now.

  8. Sometimes, we 'joke' about how alike we are... this is more than true today. Mine is not dead. But no one knows a thing. Except a therapist and she couldn't do anything due to my vagueness. I watch him suffer and do my best not to wish the worst for him, but he just married his 5th wife. An asian, 30 years younger. He is rich as hell, and I have to ask God to take away my desires to watch him fall.