Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Stealing

The Last Night Meme

From By The Way Sunday, a now defunct meme blog.  

Did anyone call you last night?  No. First my cousin Ryan, then my friend Tom IM'd me during SNL, but neither gentleman was lucky enough to actually hear my dulcet tones.

How late were you on the computer last night?  I never logged off. Every so often I come over and check it.

What did you have to eat last night?  I had a massively large brunch -- steak, eggs and hash browns -- so I had a very light, very late dinner of Rice Krispies and a granola bar.

Did you watch any good TV shows or movies last night? I watched The Departed again. DiCaprio, Damon, Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg are all so good in it.

Did any news items stand out to you last night? There's an app to let Chicago drivers know about the worst potholes, a student on the South Side was murdered even after he handed the thugs his cellphone, and Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech at the SAGs was exponentially weirder than the one at the Globes. (At this rate, by the time he wins his Oscar he will be speaking in tongues.

Did you go out last night?  No. I spent a lot of money Wednesday night when we went to dinner and then saw the touring company in Ghost (music by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics) at the Oriental theater. It's still January and too early for me to abandon my resolution to be more fiscally responsible.

What was the weather like last night?  Cold. Though not polar vortex/Chiberia cold.

What was the last thing you said last night? "You made my weekend." I unexpectedly ran into my across-the-hall neighbor for the first time since he was raced to the hospital last October. He had bypass surgery weeks later and has been slow to mend. But he's up and (literally) walking the halls as part of his physical therapy. He's 30 lbs. thinner, which was striking, but very happy. And I was very happy to see him.

What time did you go to bed last night? I went to bed a little after midnight, woke up at 3:30, came out and did this meme. I'm gonna go back to bed for a while when I'm done.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I had the SAGs on but wasn't watching it consistently--I missed his acceptance speech. He is an odd duck, isn't he? But easy on the eyes, so some things I just overlook . . .

  2. oh my goodness! I don't know what I'd do if insomnia was a regular thing for me. I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep.
    Your brunch sounds marvelous, and the Departed was such a great movie. :)

  3. I forgot about the SAGs! Oh, I hate missing an awards show!

  4. The one thing I noticed about the SAG awards is that they didn't cut anybody off, though they obviously gave them requests to wrap up. I think that this is their big night and they should be allowed to go on and on and on... When will they ever have that chance again?

    Your night (getting up at 3 to finish this meme) sounds like the kind of nights I have often, getting up to finish a journal entry that I left to get some sleep. It's my "normal" and sounds like it may be yours too.

  5. Ah you are on blogger. Good, as it's possible to leave comments!

    It must be hard to wake in the night. I used to do that,too, and remember how hard it was - maybe try not watching the eleven o'clock news?


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