Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: I Will Always Love You 

1) The Bodyguard is the best-selling movie soundtrack ever and this is the song most often associated with Whitney Houston. Is it on your iPod/mp3 player?  I don't like this recording. It's so over the top and was so overplayed. In fact, I've always thought it would make a good car alarm.

I do, however, love Whitney's voice and "So Emotional" is one of my favorites.

2) In the movie, Rachel (Whitney) sings "I Will Always Love You" after she realizes she can never see Frank (Kevin Costner) again. What song reminds you of a past love? "Have I Told You Lately" by Rod Stewart.

3) Despite the movie's and the song's overwhelming popularity, Whitney Houston was awarded a Razzie Award as the worst actress of 1992. What's the most recent criticism you received? That I'm not detail oriented enough at work. I know! I keep telling management that I want to take advantage of the agency's proofreader. I admit I need help.

4) On the bright side, share the last compliment you received. That I never lose sight of the big picture when I'm working. This pleased me, because I try to remember that my contribution is only a part of the process.
5) In the 1980s, when Whitney first burst onto the scene, a trendy woman wore big hair, big bows and big shoulder pads. Can you think of anything you wore that was fashionable at the time, but looking back, makes you cringe? Neon. I may have been wearing it when I was dancing to Whitney's "So Emotional" in the clubs back in the day.

6) When this song was popular, cell phones were uncommon and Facebook was unheard of. Which has had a bigger impact on your life -- smart phones or social networking? I still have a cell phone, not a smart phone, that rings unanswered in my purse. So I have to go with social.

7) Whitney's marriage to Bobby Brown left many people shaking their heads. Whitney and Bobby's daughter recently married the young man who was raised as her brother. Have you ever been in a relationship your friends/family didn't approve of? Yes. And it pains me to admit how right they were, and how much time I wasted.

8) Whitney Houston's grave marker reads, "I Will Always Love You," so obviously her family is very proud of the success of this recording. How would you like to be remembered? I love the way Wilbur the Pig eulogized Charlotte the Spider, as a good writer and a true friend. That's what I aspire to.

9) Whitney was born in Newark, the largest city in New Jersey. It's a major air, rail and shipping hub, and it's in the Eastern Time zone. Have you ever been to Newark ... or any town in New Jersey? I was in a long distance relationship with a guy in Philly (he of the song in Q2) and we used to take long car rides. I vaguely remember a visit to New Jersey.


  1. AH! So emotional. Good song!
    Oh but just imagine all the social media you could access on a smart phone. :)
    Charlotte's Web, ohhhhh love it.

  2. Love your eulogy. Perfect.

    Had to laugh about the #1, Whitney-as-car-alarm answer!

    It must be hard to come up with the questions when you know YOU are going to answer them. You seem to do so well, without bias. :)

  3. I'm also one of the few others left who have not crossed over to the dark side, errr, smartphones.

    In the Company of Me

  4. I am so with you on #7. I wish I'd listened, who knows where I would be if I had.
    I used to love Whitney. It's so sad what she did to herself, and how far down she went :(

  5. We so have the same cell phone usage. Mine is 4 years old and works when it feels like it. I on the other hand feel that I'd rather listen to what you had to say on a voice message rather than have to think about why you called. Mine is usually under the bed or out in the car!! Have a great week!!!!

  6. music relates so much to our lifes and sometimes brings back the ugly part we want to forget..other times it just brings a smile or complete joy!

  7. I absolutely love Dolly's version, and the story behind it! One of my favorite songs ever precisely because she DOESN'T oversing it.

  8. I love how your complement and criticism are exact opposites. Shouldn't that be a clue for your employer?

  9. Ah, our eulogies are close - I thought about going back and adding "beloved wife, good friend and writer" to mine. Along with the "She tried."

    My phone is only used for talking. A real dinosaur here.

  10. That is a great Rod Steward song!

  11. Shoulder pads...neon... big hair... we were a f'n mess man! A HOT MESS!