Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That Went Well

Yesterday's internal review, that is.

I had been dreading it. The meeting we're having with the client tomorrow is important, but the topic is completely within my wheelhouse and under any other circumstances I'd be enthusiastic about it.

But we're working with the Chocolate Covered Spider, and she likes to get all in my grill and change things not to improve them, but to bring me to heel.

I warned my boss that she just cannot do it this time. The team has been too busy on too many things and we simply do not have the resources to redo everything on Tuesday for a Thursday meeting. He promised to talk to her beforehand, and to attend the meeting himself.

He was as good as his word. He doesn't usually have my back, but this time I think he did.

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  1. I'm impressed your boss stuck to his word! You go, Gal!!!!!

  2. what a relief for you!


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