Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday 9

Happy Holidays!

1. If you could ask Santa for anything at all, right now, what would it be? I know how busy The Big Guy is this weekend, so I'll make it easy on him. I'd like a $1,500 giftcard from American Airlines (it's the largest amount you can get for me online, Santa). I've got three trips planned for 2014, Mr. Claus, and this would really, really help. A giftcard fits under the door, so you don't even have to waste valuable time coming in. Don't bother with a gift tag. I'll know who it's from.

2. Are you currently on the Naughty or Nice list? How did you get there? I think I'm on the Nice list because I've worked at being more patient this year.

3. Are you traveling this Christmas? If so, are you going by car, plane or train? I'm flying to Key West through Tampa and from Key West through Fort Meyers. I'm hoping my connections go smoothly.

4. Did you buy yourself a gift this year? Yes. I finally got My Name is Barbra and My Name is Barbra, Two on CD. I bought these albums on vinyl decades ago and love them. I have downloaded favorite individual selections on iTunes. But there were still songs I didn't have. Amazon had them on sale for $6.99 each, so Merry Christmas, Gal!

5. What's your favorite holiday-themed movie or TV special? Have you seen it yet this year? Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. I check around for it each morning but don't see it scheduled. I'll probably end up digging up the DVD and watching it tonight.

6. Which do you prefer: candy canes or gingerbread? Gingerbread. Love it, love it, love it.

7. Close your eyes and tell us the first carol that comes to mind. "… And so I'm offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92. Though it's been said, many times many ways, Merry Christmas to you."

8. What's your favorite winter beverage? I like Bailey's. But not yet. Let's wait until afternoon before we start pouring.

9. What will you remember most about 2013? For me, this was The Year of Reynaldo. All of a sudden, my 9-year-old cat spun out on me. Peeing all over,
singing and screeching at all hours, alternating between demanding attention and being destructive. It
went on for months! I didn't want to get rid of him -- a return to the shelter would be so sad for him because, at his age and with his history, he'd be virtually unadoptable. After many trips to the vet for a series of shots, a switch to prescription cat food, and an herbal supplement, he's much, much better. He's still a little madman -- that's just the warp and woof of his personality. But now he's more peaceful, more comfortable and happier. He even sleeps every once in a while!


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Pets can certainly be a challenge--but give me one good snuggle and a purr, and all is forgiven. :-)

  2. So glad Rey is better. My gift to myself is not nearly as fun as they've been in the past.

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Aw! I'm glad Reynaldo is better!

  4. My favor Barbra Streisand song is "The Way We Were"

  5. I once had a crazy cat who would jump off of the walls. He finally calmed down and became paranoid.

  6. Christmas in Key West sounds wonderful!

  7. Wish I could calm down this bunch of felines around here! Glad Rey is better. I think I just need 3 less cats, although I'd NEVER give any of them away.

  8. I'm glad you figured out your cat. Poor kitty.


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