Saturday, December 07, 2013

Holidailies -- Day 7

Today's prompt: Write a letter to Santa.

Dear Mr. Claus,

I know you're really busy, so I'll just topline my goodness in 2013 in one word -- PATIENCE. You know I'm not a patient girl, Santa. And yet I have really upped my game and worked on it when dealing with friends (both Best and Oldest Friends) and family (my niece) and pets (Reynaldo!). I'm pleased to report all relationships seem more solid because of the result of my efforts.

But then you know that, because you see me when I'm sleeping and know when I'm awake and know if I've been bad or good. So let's get to the good stuff.

I want a gift card, Santa. As rich as you can make it. From The Home Depot. I want to do a lot of work on my condo in 2014 and, while Cute Handyman only accepts cash as payment, he can use this to pick up the tiles and paint and new sink and new medicine chest I'm dreaming of.

Since you have so many stops to make on Christmas Eve, feel free to just slip it under the door. We don't have to stand on ceremony. You and I go waaaaaay back, after all.

Thank you for your time and attention.


  1. Hope someone send that gift card your way! My hubby gets one every year from my parents--he looks forward to that post-christmas trip to Home Depot all year!

  2. That would be really cool if Santa really does slip a gift card under your door.
    Also thanks for your always kind and supportive comments on my blog. They don't seem to go to my email so I can never reply, but I always read them and they make my day!

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I'd probably ask for a new laptop.