Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Holidailies -- Day 4

Today's prompt: What is your favorite holiday tradition?

I have a motley collection of 4 cardboard holiday figures -- the kind schoolteachers used to hang in the classroom -- that I have been displaying about my office(s) for decades. To give you an idea of their vintage, I bought them at a Woolworth's Store that closed its doors back in 1987.

It would be impossible to tabulate how many different offices they have adorned, but they followed me through six different companies.

They are Santa, the Little Drummer Teddy Bear, a Snowman and (my favorite) a terrier wearing a red plaid hat and matching scarf. They cost me less than 50¢ ea. at the time, and I love them dearly and am happy to see them. 


  1. It is those kinds of decorations that I love the most!

  2. It does your heart good to see those triggers for happy memories every year.

  3. I miss having an office that someone besides me gets to see (I can't believe I'm saying that...). I used to enjoy decorating up a storm. In fact, LOL, this post prompted me to get a few decorations out of the closet and decorate the office that only I, the hubby, and the animals see--just BECAUSE!

  4. Anonymous11:15 PM

    When I was growing up my Mommom always came over to watch us open gifts. That was my favorite tradition and the one I miss the most.