Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not much. Not enough.

Did some laundry. (Four loads.)

Watched some baseball. (Cubs lost to the Pirates, but that's OK because now the Pirates are tied for first.)

Dropped a pair of sweaters and a pair of bags off at the consignment shop. (I've made about $35 there so far this year.)

Renewed my library card. (Fitting, since September is Library Card Month.)

I was going to scrub down my bathroom since the plumber will be here Friday to install my new showerhead, and hopefully remedy that slow-running drain. (But I guess there's still time.)


  1. i had 2 grandsons to watch Saturday. i took them home Sunday. when i finally was home by myself i couldn't bring myself to do any house work ugh~~
    you did get a lot accomplished Saturday :0)
    Have a great week Gal!!!
    my computer was ok, it was the modem it crashed Saturday night!

  2. I had a Sunday like that, too. So much I wanted/meant to do, but bed and the internet were calling...

  3. Most important thing was that library card. Everything else...pah! It can wait. ;-)