Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank God for sunglasses

I saw the most beautiful man on the el platform yesterday. He was big as a tree -- 6'5 or so. He was wearing a Cubbie blue faux Izod. (How I love that shade of blue!) It looked fabulous against his skin. I don't know if he was Hispanic or Hawaiian but his skin was this gorgeous nutshell brown. His arms were muscled and firm and were carrying a tennis racket. (Remind me to hang around tennis courts.) His hair was black and thick and (my only complaint about this god walking among us) had too much product and made him look a little too much like Bob's Big Boy.

He stood next to me as we waited for the platform, and I was able to gaze upon him with complete impunity because I was wearing my sunglasses and could pretend I was looking at the sign that gave us the time/temp and said when the next train would arrive.


  1. Sunglasses do come in handy at times like those! I have seen a lot of guys lately with that Big Boy hairstyle, though. What is up with that????