Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday 9

1) This song is about a heartbreaker who just can't commit. Have you ever fallen for an "easy lover?" Yes. He broke quite a few hearts before he knew me and went on to break a few more after we broke up.

2) This song is one of Crazy Sam's "earwigs." Each time she hears it, it bores in and stays in her head forever! (Hear it here, if you dare!) Do you have a song like that? "Home" by Phillip Phillips. American Family Insurance uses a little snippet of it on their commercials, and once I hear it ("I'm gonna make this place your home ..."), the song keeps running through my mind for hours.

3) Both Phil Collins and Philip Bailey* have stars on The
Hollywood Walk of Fame. Have you ever visited Hollywood? Yes, at least twice. I've acted like a total tourist each time, strolling with my head down, checking out the stars. "Look! It's Robert Vaughn! I loved him on The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
4) Hollywood is the movie capital of the world. What's the last movie you saw in the theater? It was a little indie movie starring Steve Carrell called The Way, Way Back. Completely charming. If it ever comes to a theater near you, see it.
5) Phil Collins was a child actor in his native England,
appearing onstage in musicals like Oliver! Can you think of another child performer who went on to entertainment industry success as an adult? Former Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling springs to mind. I think he's grown up exceptionally well, don't you?
  6) Philip Bailey joined Earth, Wind & Fire while still in college, so he's been a performer throughout his working life, as well. Have you ever been tempted to try your hand at show biz? No. I hate my voice.
7) Is there a profession that you never, under any circumstances, want to try? Food service. I think I would have a hard time being as polite and patient as a good waiter has to be.
8) What are you looking forward to right now? Eggs for breakfast! I have a massive craving for eggs right now.
9) Do you suffer from trypanophobia (fear of needles/injections)? Or can you bravely donate blood or get a shot, without freaking out? No. And this reminds me I really should donate again. I am a rather rare type (AB+) so Lifesource needs me, and I keep ducking their calls.

*Well, Earth Wind & Fire has a star.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Ok, now I want eggs for lunch too. And bacon...with another side of bacon.

  2. I worked as a waitress and made great tips because of my personality. Definitely not because of my waiting ability. ;-)

  3. Gosling still looks the same. Thank goodness he hasn't messed up like some of the others.

  4. Oh, Ryan Gossling. I never knew he was a MMC star before becoming hot. I just heard that on some talk show the other day. Boy, has he changed.
    I REALLY want to see the Way Way Back. Some friends and I rented a beach house this July and I tried to get everyone to go see it before we went. It never happened. It's on my list though!

  5. Speaking of Mouseketeer, there is Annette Funicello who went on to make movies.

  6. 35 years in food service. you are right. its not an easy life. Have a great evening!

  7. I would never want to work in food service again either! I could probably manage to be friendly, but I'd screw up everyone's orders and drop things and stuff. It would suck.