Thursday, August 29, 2013

Regrettably in support

As this nation continues its seemingly inexorable march toward involvement in Syria, I have decided I support President Obama. But not because of the President.

Because of Secretary of State John Kerry.

He is, at heart, a pacifist. He referred to Iraq as "the wrong war at the wrong time," and he was right. He was shaped by Vietnam and what he saw of combat and killing there.* As Assistant District Attorney, he made the controversial decision to not request the death penalty, even when his constituents demanded it.

So if he believes this is the course this country should take, I accept it.

I'm also confident he will keep the well being of our troops in mind as he, Obama, and Hagel work this through.

So while conflict always makes me sad, I'm afraid I support this intervention. (Even as the Brits seem to be withdrawing their support.)

*For a serious examination of his service, not the "Swiftboat" bullshit, check out Tour of Duty by Douglas Brinkley.

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  1. And yet Miley Cyrus has been a top news story for days...