Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunday Stealing

Massive Alphabet Meme, part one
The Letter A 
  Are you agnostic? No

What is your age?  55

What annoys you?  Good goobies, the list is long just now!

The Letter B
  Do you like bacon? Yes

When is your birthday?  November 22

Who is your best friend?  A former coworker who moved to Boulder

The Letter C 
  What is your favorite candy?  Mary Janes.

Who is your crush?  Mark Harmon

When was the last time you cried? Watching the movie Lincoln. I'm an unabashed Abe-o-phile.

The Letter D
  Do you daydream?  Yes

What is your favorite kind of dog?  Shelter rescues

What day of the week is it?  What? Don't you know?

The Letter E
  How do you like your eggs?  Over easy

Have you ever been in the emergency room?  Sure

What’s the easiest thing to ever do?  Fall. Gravity does all the work.

The Letter F
  Have you ever flown in a plane?  Yes.

Do you use fly swatters?  No.

Have you ever used a foghorn?  No.

The Letter G
  Do you chew gum?  Not often.

Ever tried gazpacho? Yes. I hate it.

Are you a giver or taker? Probably a bit of both. Aren't we all?

The Letter H
  How are you?  Fine, thanks.

What’s your height?  Almost 5'2

What color is your hair? Light brown/dirty blonde 

The Letter I
  What is your favorite ice-cream?  Mint chocolate chip

Have you ever ice-skated?  Yes, badly

Do you play an instrument?  No

The Letter J 
  What is your favorite jelly bean?  Just not licorice

Do you wear jewelry?  Yes.

Have you heard a really hilarious joke?  My favorite clean joke: A grandmother is planning a trip to the beach with her baby grandson. She buys him a hat to protect his little face and a shovel and pail for play in the sand. She picks up the beloved toddler and they have a wonderful time. And then a tragedy occurs: a tidal wave sweeps him away into the depths of the ocean.
Grandma immediately bows to her knees in the sand and prays to God for the return of her grandson.  "Please, Lord! I have always been a good person and a loving Grandmother. Please return my grandson to me."
Just as she finishes her prayer, a huge wave crashes back on the beach, returning the baby, his shovel and his pail in hand, to his Grandmother's side.
She looks at her grandson, then looks back at the sky and yells, "He had a hat!" 

The Letter K 
  Whom do you want to kill? No one

Do you want kids?  No

Where did you go to kindergarten?  The same grade school attended by my uncle, both of my sisters and my niece and nephew

The Letter L
  Are you laid-back?  Right now, at this very moment

Do you lie?  "No, your ass doesn't look big in those jeans."

Do you love anyone?  Yes

The Letter M
  What is your favorite movie?  The Way We Were
  Do you still watch Disney movies? Sure

Do you like mangoes? Not by themselves. But mixed in drinks, they are yummy. For example, my friends in the Keys introduced me to Mango Mimosas.


  1. mixed drinks with mangos, Disney movies and The way we were....hmmm!

    just teasing! happy sunday stealing!

  2. Mango mimosas sound yummy.

  3. Mango Mimosas, huh? That sounds interesting!

  4. Never heard that joke. Will have to share.

  5. I wish I could remember and tell jokes well.

  6. ooooh mango mimosas... YUM :)


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