Thursday, July 04, 2013

Doing it old school

I found out through Facebook that a once close, highly disappointing, former friend is suffering through a family tragedy. The last member of her nuclear family -- an older sister she is very close to -- suffered a massive heart attack. "She is on machines to keep her alive in hopes she strengthens enough for open heart surgery to replace mitral valve. Please pray for her."

And so I did.

Growing up with Judy, I naturally knew her older sister. I am genuinely sorry this is happening. I've learned that massive heart attacks are hideously painful and life changing, and I wouldn't wish one on anyone. I humbly ask God to help her be comfortable.

I find it ironic, though, that Judy beseeched the Facebook community to pray for her sister. For Judy and Carol were among the first people I ever met who made me feel as though my conventional approach to religion was small minded and naive. 

But that was decades ago. Life kicks all our asses, I guess, and it's at times like this we return to God. It's His gift to us that we're always welcome back.

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