Friday, June 14, 2013

It arrived!

My futon arrived today, safe and sound, and I'm very happy with it. (I'm sitting on it right now, in fact.) But I spent so much time fixating on how much to tip the delivery men. They agreed to haul my old sofa to the dumpster in exchange for "a couple bucks." How much is "a couple bucks?"

This is why I hate tipping!

I asked around at work and the guy in the next office said he always tips workmen $20, or $10/guy. That seemed a little low to me. But then again, they didn't specify what "a couple bucks" meant. So I gave them each $13. That's $26 for taking my sofa and cushions (which were embarrassingly filthy, btw) down to the dumpster.

$13 doesn't sound that much better than $10, but $26 sounds more fair than $20. WHO MAKES UP THE RULES FOR TIPPING?

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  1. I HATE TIPPING! Let me say it again... that felt good ---> I HATE TIPPING!

    Like..when you go to a salon and get your hair done by an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR She pays for space AT THE SALON...sets her own rates for everything. Yet, I'm to tip her? Why? Why doesn't she just charge more and no tip. I hate tips.

    I like going to Sonic. Everyone says you're supposed to tip them. Why? Why am I tipping someone for bringing a drink to my car. If they had a drive through, I'd GLADLY go through and get it.

    And take out ... if you get take out... everyone says to tip. WHY? I'm ordering TAKE OUT so I Don't HAVE TO TIP A WAITRESS! But oh NOOOOOOO the hostess preps your meal in the bags and has it all ready for you.

    (I've never seen a hostess pack a bag. The cooks in the back pack. They just deliver them and smile knowing that someone has screwed up something and you'll be calling back in 15 minutes after you get home.)