Wednesday, May 15, 2013



You know it. Everyone does.  
In 2011 it was declared the most valuable brand on the planet.
And it's always my drink of choice.

1) Coca Cola is America's best-known export, sold in every country in the world except Cuba and North Korea.

2) It was invented by an Atlanta pharmacist in the late 1800s who believed that his carbonated soda/syrup mix had "energizing" medicinal purposes (it was whispered to be a remedy for impotence) and could cure headaches.

3) Once the pharmacist sold the formula, it was marketed as a soft drink. The first ad ran in the Atlanta Journal, declaring it: "Delicious. Refreshing. Exhilarating. Invigorating."

4) Coca Cola memorabilia from that era is prized among collectors. Recently a 19th century antique clock with the logo was auctioned for nearly $100,000.

5)  In 1935, Coca Cola was certified "kosher."

6) Its color is caramel -- Caramel E-150d to be exact.  

7) Coca-Cola, the logo, the name Coke and the shape of the bottle are all trademarked

8) In 1944, the billionth bottle was sold.

9) In 1951, a little known actress named Marilyn Monroe made a Coke commercial with Jack Paar as part of a promotion for their movie, Love Nest.

10) In 1955, Coca Cola began being sold in cans.

11) Its most famous jingle, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing," became a hit record in 1971.

12) Early in his career, Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain worked for Coca-Cola as chauffeur to the company president.

13) A large portion of Coca Cola's business -- both nationally and internationally -- comes from their long relationship with another well-known brand: McDonald's.

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  1. That's some cool information. I used to drink Coke, too, but some years back switched to plain ol' water and tea most of the time. Occasionally I will drink one to cure a headache, though.

  2. I drink Coke on rare occasions and my favorite is Cherry Coke. (You're making me thirsty.)

  3. Coca Cola is America's best-known export? Hmm. I didn't know. I'm a fan of Coke, but I think I drink too much of it.

  4. A billion bottles, eh? I kinda forgot it was still out there. I probably haven't tasted any in 20 years. I remember that song. The school taught it to the choir. Separation of church and state, yes, but not of commerce and state.

  5. Back when I still drank soda, I always prefered Pepsi to Coke. The only soda I drink now is 7-Up, for the occasional stomach upset. Otherwise I drink water.

  6. I prefer Coke, too. I also learned that the key flavor difference between Coke and Pepsi is that Coke has vanilla notes and Pepsi has lime.

  7. Here in Ireland, there is a common phrase to congratulate someone when they have answered a question right.

    'Give that boy/girl a can of coke'

    Almost every young person of my generation knows what that means and where it comes from.

    The tour guide from the Coca-Cola factory here in Dublin Ireland, would say it whenever someone answered a Coke question correctly.