Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh, Honey!

The asswipe referred to on this blog as Archie Bunker has 587 Facebook friends and 381 Twitter followers. Only one is sponsoring his dog in the Strut Your Mutt fundraiser. That would be my oldest friend. To the tune of $25.

Her FICO score is in the basement. She is paying for her son's college and will soon be looking at a bill for approx. $16,000 for her daughter's tuition to cosmetology school. At 56, she has no retirement savings to speak of.

She also has no friends out there in California. That's why she did this. She wants Archie, the fix-up that didn't work out, to call her. I bet he no longer has her number.

But I have his. The Gal worries so much.


  1. I wish she'd listen to you--pity that she hasn't.

  2. Oh, my! I worry, too!