Friday, May 03, 2013

Color me pissed

My air conditioner is NOT being delivered today after all! There was a lack of communication and the driver left without it on his van.

NOT HAPPY! Not happy at all! I took a day off work for this.

I spoke to the owner of the third-party company that Sears hires to do this work. He was very apologetic. He offered to come over to my house tonight and do it himself sometime between 9:00 and 11:00.

It's barely 50ยบ today, so I don't need the thing right now. And he was trying to make it right. I considered calling Sears and complaining, but why? The contractor/boss I talked to on the phone understood why I was angry and promises me (promises!) that someone will be at my home at 9:00 AM tomorrow and no matter what, I'll have my new ac.

Then I ran to the vet to get Reynaldo's prescription cat food and found that they are moving their offices at the end of the month. They will now be on the other side of town, hard for me with no car and a big cat, like Joey. I like the vet, but this is a major inconvenience. I may be vet shopping again in the near future.

Not a good day.

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