Thursday, March 07, 2013



I know I have to lose weight. I want to lose weight. I understand what I have to do to lose weight -- which is eat less and move more. And yet I am somehow not prepared to do what it takes to achieve the results I want.

And so, starting next week, I am going to begin taking my food diary more seriously. And I'm using this week's TT to make myself examine the fuel I put into the machine I live in.


1) Coke
2) Cheeseburger
3) French Fries
4) Cranberry Juice and Vodka
5) Tuna Salad
6) Apple
7) Starbucks Tall Hot Chocolate (skim milk, no whipped cream)
8) Coke
9) Milk
10) Coke
11) Peel-and-eat shrimp
12) Corn
13) Beef/barley soup

Clearly I have to pay as much attention to what I drink as what I eat!

How about you? Does your diet enhance your health … or get in the way?

For more about the Thursday 13, 
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  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    It's a big boat. You're not alone in it. Do what you can. That's all anyone can ask, eh?

  2. you'd think I'd be able to know the same with a daily food blog but I only record a meal a day. hm. barley stew was here too. popcorn. tomato arugula sandwich. nope I won't remember the whole 13 yards.

  3. If I could forgo the chocolate I'd be in much better shape. Fortunately I don't drink anything but tea and water, so the soft drinks are not an issue. But I don't eat enough fruits and veggies.

  4. I've got my weight sussed. Mainly for health issues, I changed over to the 5 small meals a day regime about 10 yrs ago. Never hungry, never full, I eat as much as i used to, but differently, and when I started the weight fell off and stayed off.

  5. I'm with you. I have to stop drinking so much soda.

  6. With the exception of the Starbucks drink and the Coke, you're not doing too badly.

    I've been using a website to track my calories, etc, and I've found I eat less when I have to really think about what I'm consuming. Keep listing and see if you make changes as a result - I bet you will! :)

  7. You sure drink a lot. My list would be black tea, eggs, bagel and butter, nettles tea, brown rice, chicken, chocolate ...

  8. Cutting down on or cutting soda out of your diet completely would go a long way in reducing calory intake. I quit cold-turkey about 20 years ago and don't miss it at all. The only time I drink soda now is the rare 7-Up for an upset stomach.

    Fruit juices/drinks and alcohol can also be packed with hidden calories, so it's important to read the labels. Good luck in your weight-loss quest. I know you can do it!

  9. the coke is wasted calories for sure. give it a try, you can do it.

  10. That cupcake is killing me.... must be close to dinner.
    I just had to give up meat- for several reasons. I gave up that cupcake long ago...