Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Not happy

Early last month, I saw Kinky Boots with my friend John because, at the last minute, my theater buddy Barb forgot she had signed herself and her new dog up for obedience class that night. He and I had a nice time, but it resulted in a lot of agita -- a flurry of the last minute "I'll meet you in the lobby/no wait, I can make it in time for a drink after all" calls that I hate. I like my entertainment to be without agita.

A few weeks ago, I missed Sister Act. It wasn't a play I really wanted to see -- it was part of our subscription series. But I did spend over $60 on the ticket and we didn't make curtain simply because my friend Barb couldn't get out of work on time.

Tomorrow we were supposed to meet for dinner and go see How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  That ticket was about $40. I was looking forward to it. Not just because Barb promised to bring my birthday present, but because I've been trying to feel more Christmas-y and thought this would help.

Barb blew out her knee. Shit happens. I understand that. I'm sorry she's in pain and completely sympathize with how uncomfortable sitting through a 90-minute play would be. We were going to still meet for dinner and I was going to the play solo. Guess what. She just now told me she won't be able to make it. Work, again.

Next up is The Book of Mormon. I have been waiting to see this show for, literally, a year, and was very excited last winter -- yes, it was January 2011 -- when our tickets arrived. That's how hot Book of Mormon tickets are. And we had great seats for early in the run! It opens Tuesday and we'll be there Wednesday! Yea!

Well, no. After nearly a year, Barb also let me know she can't make it next Wednesday, either. She has an out of town client meeting on Tuesday and isn't sure she'll be able to make that curtain.

I'm going anyway. I'm going to see The Grinch tomorrow right after work, and instead of our high-end dinner I'll eat McDonald's, but I'm going. Same with Book of Mormon. She's sending the tickets to me by messenger.

These tickets are always expensive. I pay for them in advance. Barb makes a great deal more than I do -- her salary is double mine -- and this is one of those times when the disparity shows. I hate the last minute stress of looking for a seat filler. Not everyone can commit to being in The Loop at 7:00 or 7:30 -- not if they have to deal with rush hour traffic and or public transportation. Clearly Barb can't, either, and she works within walking distance of the theater district.

When she can walk. I feel terrible about her knee. That must really suck.

But I'm unhappy about how our 10 year-plus Wednesday night tradition is shaping up. Too much expense, too much stress. Not enough fun.


  1. just go and have a good time...hopefully you can find someone to tag along??? skip the McCDonald's tho..ugh awful...bad for your health!

  2. Frustrating! But, I hope you go and report back to a truly delightful time!

  3. I hope Barb heals quickly and starts to appreciate how important your Wednesday nights are.

    In the meantime, I hope the Grinch and Book of Mormon both put you in a holiday mood. Enjoy the lights while you're out and about!