Friday, December 07, 2012

Holidailies -- Day 7

Today's prompt: What was the best thing you ever received for the holidays?

Blaze! He was my Big Gift from Santa the Christmas I was 5. I had been wanting him desperately! I knew him from both TV commercials and the Sears Christmas catalog. Blaze galloped (moving back and forth) and trotted (up and down) and neighed and whinnied when you pulled "the magic ring."

My mother had fond memories of me wearing a straw cowboy hat, feeding Blaze imaginary sugar cubes and climbing onto his back to ride "through the countryside." Once I learned the truth about Santa, I also heard how much my father hated Blaze. My dad complained about how the only store that still carried Blaze that close to Christmas was Zayre, which was always too crowded … that he was embarrassed hauling Blaze through the parking lot … that my beloved horse's shape made him impossible to get into the trunk ... It's always made me a little sad that my father couldn't take pleasure in how much joy my pinto brought me. He would have enjoyed Christmastime -- and, in fact, his whole life -- more.


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