Monday, December 03, 2012

He doesn't hug anymore

My nephew, that is. I suppose it's not surprising. He is, after all, a man of 13 now. But it did make me sad to see him climb into the car without giving me a goodbye hug.

We went to see Lincoln at my local movie theater. I am impressed by how well he followed it and how interested he was in it. Then we went to Five Guys for burgers and hung around at my place for a while so he could play with my cat, Joey. My nephew and my big old tub of guts have always had an affinity for one another, even when my nephew was a baby and unknowingly a little too rough with cats.


  1. I have grandson who after turning 13 did the same...but now that they are is back to giving grandma hugs again. so hang in there...the hugs may come back.

  2. I'm sure Vivian is right. He's testing his newfound manhood.

    But you can tell him you want a hug for yourself. That takes the pressure to be manly off of him, and gives him the chance to be gallant and do you a "favor."

  3. I'm lucky that my nieces and nephews hug me all the time.

  4. I should have also added--my high school students are all huggers, too. I'm with Vivian and Erika.

  5. I remember the time I held my hand out to my cousin Dani (she was 10) to cross the street and to just connect. She said "I don't do that anymore" and I almost cried on the spot! It was like "my baby is all grown up!" (I practically raised her.)

    Vivian is right, it comes back around. But it sure feels sad in the moment, doesn't it?