Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dona Nobis Pacem


  1. Your peace globe is very clever. I love it. Peace be with you, now and always.

  2. Beautiful Peace globe!

    Best Peace Blessings to you.

    I love blogblast because it reminds me of good folk and blogs I haven't read in far too long - as is the case with yours! :-( I have been badly sadly absent from blogs since Facebook sucked me in.

    I will try to get back here. You have at least three posts I glanced down at that I wanted to read.

  3. Peace to you and yours. Very well done globe.

  4. May peace be with you.

  5. I love this Globe. I wonder if such a movie would rake in billions of dollars like so many of the big budget violent ones that get made.

    Peace to you and yours on this Blog Blast Day.

  6. I LOVE your "movie poster". So clever! Let's hope Opening Night comes soon!

  7. Brilliant idea, m'dear! Love the peaceglobe :-) Peace to you!

    (A link to your post will be on "Peace Bloggers Unite" later)

  8. Oh my...this is brilliant! If only people valued peace in their hearts more than hatred and strife.
    Then we might have peace in the world.

    How creative you are!
    Peace to you and yours.