Friday, November 30, 2012

An award!

I have been blogging for a million years now (give or take) and it still surprises me and warms my heart that I have readers and cyberfriends. That's why I'm grateful for this award from Pearl. If you get a moment, go over and check out her blog. 

I already went the full nine yards with this particular award a few months ago, so I'm not going to tag others. But to celebrate Pearl naming me, I'm going to give six things about myself and answer her 11 questions.

6 Things About Myself:

1.  I don't know why I'm fascinated by true crime shows, but I am. Right now I'm watching the new ID channel. (At least it's new to my cable company.)

2.  Today's payday, so this is top of mind: I pay many of my bills online, and yet I'm resistant to going completely paperless and eliminating the monthly bills. I don't know why. Loyalty to the United States Postal Service?

3.  I miss baseball.

4.  I suffer from very dry skin in winter.

5.  My worst quality is my laziness.

6.  My best quality is that I think fast on my feet.

And here are my answers to Pearl's questions:

1.  Sunny, Rainy, or Snowy? Sunny. But I also enjoying seeing the sun glint off the snow.
2.  Is the glass half-full or half empty? Half full

3.  Have you gone on a leisurely trip this year?  Where would you like to travel next? I'm going to Key West to see my dear friends in just a few weeks. We ring in the new year together. I can't wait to see them!

4.  Do you love your job? I like my job. In this economy, I'm grateful for it, too.

5.  What's your most treasured material possession in the world? I have a silver-plated ring, a band with an engraved lotus design. It's hardly fine jewelry, less than $100 new. But it's pretty and it fits perfectly and I feel naked without it.

6.  What's your favorite reading material? Your favorite author? I love books. Old school books. I haven't moved onto e-readers yet. One of my favorite authors is Robert B. Parker. I felt terrible when he passed away almost 3 years ago.

7.  Do you cook?  What's your favorite food (the one food you can't live without)? I'm the world's most inept cook! And I have a fondness for steak.

8.  Which do you prefer, shopping online or at the mall? Yes! I love retail in all its forms.

9.  Do you exercise? How often?  What's your favorite form of exercise? I try to exercise 3 times/week. And over the past four months I have failed miserably. At any rate, I like cardio. I have to make myself work out with weights.

10.  Christmas tree: plastic or real tree? Plastic. I worry about a real tree drying out and being a fire hazard.

11.  Do you like to watch news?  What's your favorite news program? I'm a news junkie! My favorite show is Morning Joe on MSNBC. The host is a former congressman, a conservative Republican, and his co-host is a progressive Democrat. I enjoy the civility of their conversations and how much I learn from hearing them interview guests from all across the political spectrum.


  1. Congratulations on your award! It may not be a lamp that creates the soft glow of electric sex, but it's an award nonetheless.

    We share a "worst quality" and a certain level of paranoia about abandoning the postal service.

  2. ...and thank you for accepting!:-)
    I suffer from very dry skin too during winter, that and the laziness to put on lotion:(

    For two years now in the US, we had real trees for christmas. I am thinking of having a plastic one this year though. Not sure yet.

    Have a nice weekend!