Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday 9


1. What’s the best memory that you have of your dad, while growing up? He traded cars with a coworker, driving home in a station wagon. Then he turned down the backseats and took my favorite little classmate and I to see HELP! at a drivein. He wanted to make sure that we young Beatlemaniacs had plenty of room for screaming, crying, bouncing around, etc.

2. How boring do you think your life is? I wish it was more boring. I was named executor of my mother’s will, which gives me way too much to do in way too short a time span. Plus my older sister could not be angrier about this turn of events.

3. Can you do any accents? If not, do you know someone who is good at it? I am hopeless at this. However, I had a lover who was exceptional. He had a million of ‘em, but my favorite was when he’d call me, pretending to be Bobby Kennedy.

4. What technology did you at first fear that you now could not live without? You’re lookin’ at it!

5. Do you, or have you ever, thought you have a book in you? Oh, I dunno. I write ad copy for a living. I’m not sure I even want to try to write a book. It might just feel like an extension of my job. Maybe when I retire …

6. How does the weather effect where you live? It doesn’t. Everywhere has its extremes and natural disasters.

7. Are you more interested in your favorite artist’s next work, or the TMZ side of it all? Depends on the artist. With my beloved Boss, Bruce Springsteen, his work is all I need to know. On the other hand, I just like Jennifer Aniston very much and news of her recent engagement made me happier than some of her movies have.

8. Have you ever felt “battled-scarred” by a relationship or relationships in general? If yes, do tell. I wasted too many years on a genuinely hideous man. Every now and again he tries to contact me. I wish he wouldn’t. He’s creepy and cruel and I don’t trust him, even after all these years.

9. Do you tend to root for the bad guy? Well, Bonnie & Clyde is one of my favorite movies.


  1. I never think of Bonnie & Clyde as the bad guys... isn't that funny?

  2. Good luck with that executor thing.

    I didn't realize that I had any kind of an accent until I moved down state. The funny thing is, my parents were both from the east coast and were heavy with their accents.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    What a fantastic memory of your dad, and what a great thing for him to have done. I bet you had a marvelous time.


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