Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh. My.

Tom Cruise is a revelation in Rock of Ages. I saw it on stage almost two years ago, but it was a very different show. Back then, it revolved around lovestruck Drew and Sherrie and starred American Idol's Constantine Maroulis. He's a good singer and a winning personality and it was a fine time.

The movie, though, is raunchier. Way ranchier. And the dissipated Stacie Jaxx, now played by Cruise, has a much bigger role. He behaves in a far more unvarnished way than we tend to see stars of his caliber, and I am reminded again that he's a compelling screen presence when you can forget him jumping on and off Oprah's sofa.

He's also staggeringly well preserved. While the sight of his bare ass may not do for chaps what Pippa Middleton's backside did for white dresses, it was still quite memorable.


  1. I saw the show in NYC last December. It was fantastic. I'm really wanting to see the movie as the reviews have been fab. Not a Cruise all. Will have to get over that!

  2. I was surprised initially by Cruise's casting here - but then I remembered how wickedly funny he was in Tropic Thunder. Can't wait to see this!